About Us

Bartlett’s Environmental is a family owned and operated company that has been providing asset, liquid waste and environmental solutions for Government Authorities, Municipalities and businesses throughout Victoria since 1989.

Bartlett’s is focused on the conservation of the environment and the implementation of sustainable practices. We have a range of innovative technology that reduce environmental impacts through reduced potable water use, waste minimisation techniques and more efficient transportation. Constant research is central to Bartlett’s remaining at the forefront of innovative technology throughout the ever changing climatic conditions.

Starting out providing liquid waste management solutions, Bartlett’s have over time expanded our services to meet the shifting requirements and expectations of the environment and our customers. Along with Liquid Waste Management, our core activities include Hydro Excavation (Non-Destructive Digging), Drain Cleaning, Mobile Dewatering, CCTV Inspections, Chemical Root Treatment, High Pressure Cleaning, Grease Trap Management, Vacuum Loading, Confined Space Entry, Project Management¬†and 24/7 Emergency Response.

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