Environmental Policy

Bartlett’s Environmental recognise the importance of responsibly managing our operations and are committed to providing environmentally mindful business solutions. With all work we undertake, we strive to have minimal impact on the environment and the communities within which we are working.

Bartlett’s aim to continually improve our environmental performance through implementing control and performance monitoring measures.

We endeavour to keep our environmental impact to a minimum by:

  • Communicating our values and commitment to environmental issues to our employees, customers, suppliers and the local community
  • Complying with all environmental regulations, standards and laws
  • Establishing measurable targets and objectives by which we can regularly monitor and improve our environmental performance
  • Evaluating past performance and identifying new ways of being an environmentally considerate and efficient business
  • Considering the environmental implications when making decisions
  • Ensuring our vehicles are regularly maintained
  • Identifying the most efficient travel route between collection and disposal sites
  • Providing employees with the training, resources and responsibilities necessary to achieve environmental objectives and targets
  • Ensuring all waste disposal facilities we use are fully licensed by the Victorian Environment Protection Authority
  • Ensuring that our vehicles are fitted out with the appropriate spill kits
  • Investing in new and sustainable technology
  • Minimizing wastage across all facets of our business and adopting the principles of the waste management hierarchy

Environmental compliance and performance is the responsibility of all Bartlett’s Environmental employees. In adopting this policy, Bartlett’s Environmental endeavour to be at the forefront of sustainability and to achieve best practice in environmental management.

Darren Bartlett
Bartlett’s Environmental

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